Axial Finance
Technical Analysis and Trading Software

Axial Finance Global Trader

For confirmed Traders and Professionals

1 - Stock Exchanges - Markets

  • Stock Exchanges available in real time [consult available exchanges]
  • FOREX in real time with Tick Volume [consult forex crosses available]
  • Automatic updating of stock lists for exchanges
  • Setup of an unlimited number of Equity personal Lists
  • ISIN and Ticker equity coding
  • Stocks selection by nature, underlying, style and maturity
  • Stock Data sheet
  • Exchange rates updating
  • Quick stock search with stockname (incl partial name) Ticker or ISIN code

2 - Technical Analysis and Graphical Charting

  • Setup, recording and restoring of Working spaces (unlimited number)
  • Multiple windows charting capability (unlimited number of charts simultaneously opened)
  • Charting windows detaching from the main screen for multi-screens configuration
  • Charting in tick by tick, n seconds, n minutes, n hours, n days, weekly and monthly bar prices
  • Charting in Range Bars and Tick Volumes
  • Time cursor to shift, expand and contract the time scale
  • Price vertical scale (linear ou logarithm) with automatic mode or user's defined by mouse dragging
  • Fast vertical and horizontal Graph translation by mouse dragging
  • Graphical curves with Candle, Heikin-Ashi Candle, Bar-Charts and price line
  • KAGI Graphics - Support-Resistance Graphics - Points and Figures Graphics
  • Relative Force curve relatively to any equity or index
  • 100 pre-programmed and customized technical indicators [see list of available indicators]
  • Synthetic indicator displaying the % of equities satisfying a Screening Rule or Signal programmed by the user
  • Programming of Rules in multi-time frame mode Each Signal into the Rule can be setup with a specific and independant time frame (period bar).
  • Indicators presentation in slideshow mode
  • Choice of indicators drawing style : mono or bi-color lines, histogram, mountain, ...
  • Graphic tools : Fibonacci (Retracements, Arcs, Fans, Extensions, Projections and Cycles), GANN (Angles and Grids), Speed lines and Andrews Forks
  • Graphic tools for drawing lines, segments, channels, waves, circles, rectangles and texts (Choice of color, dash, thickness and font)
  • Multilayers capability for graph drawing in each window
  • Automatic Recording of user's drawings and Restoring at Equity change
  • Automatic Recording of user's Resistance and Support levels and display of % variation to last known price
  • Graphical display of technical analysis established by Day By Day Analyst team [more info]
  • Mobile cursor displayable on graphs to read details of prices (open, high, low, close, volume) and indicator values at each period bar
  • Graph's picture file generation (png format)

3 - Real Time platform for day trading

  • Real Time Streaming (tick by tick)
  • Up to 10 Watch Lists for real time display of Stock lists (each with a maximum of 1500 lines) with selectable following data :
    • Last trade : hour, price, volume
    • Last best Ask and Bid offers : hour, price, volume
    • Day opening, highest and lowest prices, previous day closing price
    • Cumulated volume since opening
  • Unlimited number of Order Books (levels I or II according to the exchange) under three different presentations :
    • Tabular form
    • Histogram form
    • In the price chart
  • Unlimited number of Lists of trades for stocks
  • Up to 10 Real time Screener to detect among a list of stocks (maximum 1500 stocks) those which are responding to a screening Rule programmed by the user at a defined bar period.
  • Up to 10 of real time Win/Loss lists (each with a maximum of 1500 lines), ordered according to price variation since day open, last day close, n minutes, n hours, n days, n weeks, n months or first of Januray.
  • Real time alert system for an unlimited number of stocks. For each stock, the user can define as many alerts as wanted according to the following conditions :
    • Reaching a given price
    • Crossing up or down a given price
    • Crossing a defined Resistance or Support level
    • Reaching a given volume in the trading day
    • Reaching a given price variation percentage since day opening or last day close
    • Responding to a user's programmed Signal or a Rule at a defined bar period or in multi-time frame mode
    Each alert can be notified by sound, popup window, drawing on chart, book record and email. A central table summarized all programmed alerts.
  • Tick Flow module to see in a quick look the stocks which suddenly are traded in large quantities, announcing the start of a significant price move.
  • DDE link for exporting real time data into excel sheet

4 - Programming of Technical Indicators, Signals and Screening Rules

  • Programming of personal Technical Indicators and Signal in JavaScript language
  • Screening Rules set-up from a library of pre-programmed Signals
    To setup a Screening Rule no required knowledge in programming. An innovative visual programming solution allows the user to easily create an unlimited number of simple or complexe screening rules based on a pre-programmed Signals from a library.
  • Screening Rule testing on graphs

5 - Options chains Board

  • Display in a Board of all CALL and PUT options of an underlying ranked by increasing strikes, at a maturity date and a given style
  • For each option in the Board, display of the last quoted price, ask and bid prices, settlement price, average price, implied volatility and Greek parameters (Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega and Rho)
  • Real-time update of data board with the calculation of the implied volatility and Greek parameters
  • Setting up of the dividend and interest rate with automatic recalculation of the implied volatility and Greek parameters
  • Visual identification (background coloring of the Board) for options in the money and out of the money
  • Opening a Pricer window by clicking on an option
  • Opening a Live Chart by clicking on an option
  • Adding the selected option in a personal list

6 - Option price computing : Pricer

  • Facility to open a Pricer window from the list of stocks, the Global Options Board, the Strategies Screen or the Portfolios Screen
  • Simultaneous opening of any number of Pricer windows
  • Opening the Pricer filled with the latest real-time data
  • Automatic calculation of the option theoretical price, implied volatility and Greek parameters Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega and Rho
  • Choice of the method of calculation : Black-Scholes or Binomial
  • Automatic recalculation of option after changing the strike, the price of the underlying, time to maturity, dividend and interest rates
  • Ability to define a precise and fixed value of the implied volatility for the calculation of the option

7 - Analysis and optimization of the best options strategies

  • Dedicated Strategies Workspace
  • Strategy including an unlimited number of Options, Futures and Equity relative to the same underlying
  • Ability to create an unlimited number of strategies, modify, store in memory and recall of a strategy in the dedicated workspace
  • Creating a strategy from template strategies (Straddle, Strangle, Synthetic Call or Put, Spread Call or Put, Condor, Butterfly, ...)
  • Ability to add an option, a future or an equity in the opened strategy from the list of stocks by "dragging and dropping" with the mouse
  • Displaying of each item of the strategy in a comprehensive sliding panel
  • Automatic analysis of the impact on the strategy following changes at each position level of his the presence, sense (Buy or Sell), quantity, premium, dividend or implied volatility
  • Availability of two operating modes : real-time or simulation mode which allows the user to customize the price of the underlying and options data
  • Setting up the interest rate applied to all options
  • Displaying the cost of the strategy
  • Automatic calculation in real-time of the Greek parameters (Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega and Rho) taking into account the quantity in each position and the operation sense
  • Graphical display of the strategy result with the price of the underlying as x-scale : curve of profits and losses at maturity, curve of profits and losses at the current moment and curves of Greek parameters (Delta, Gamma, Thetra Vega and Rho).
  • Zooming, recording and printing of graphics
  • In simulation mode, analysis of the impact due to a reduction in the time to maturity for all options
  • In simulation mode, analysis of the impact due to a change in implied volatility on options CALL or PUT
  • Automatic copying of the strategy positions into the opened portfolio as temporary positions

8 - Coverage analysis and real-time follow up of portfolios

  • Dedicated Portfolios Workspace
  • Ability to create an unlimited number of portfolios, store and recall a portfolio in the dedicated workspace, each portfolio containing positions for orders executed by the broker and temporary positions for orders which are just for analysis and then not transmitted for execution
  • In each portfolio : options and futures with different underlyings and stocks
  • Automatic recalculation of the portfolio at each change of price in real time, and change of any parameter in a position
  • Entry of an order into a portfolio from the list of stocks by "dragging and dropping" with the mouse and setting relevant parameters
  • Automatic copying of positions from a strategy into a portfolio as temporary positions
  • Display for each open position : opening date, number of shares, sense, average unit cost, price of the underlying, average quoted price, last quoted price, position valuation, potential profit, realized profit, dividend, theoretical price, implied volatility, clearing price, expiration date, order size
  • Setting up the interest rate applied to all options
  • Temporary de-enabling of an open position to analyze the impact on the result
  • Changing a temporary position into an executed position
  • Changing the dividend in a position of type option
  • Changing the characteristics of a temporary position : sense, number of shares, premium, implied volatility and dividend
  • Summary display of open positions
  • Viewing detailed orders of open positions
  • Viewing the history of closed positions with detailed orders
  • Real-time calculation and display of the portfolio Delta in monetary value corresponding to 1% change of each underlying price with respect to the current quoted prices
  • Graphical display of the portfolio result in real-time with underlying prices variations as x-scale : curve of profits and losses at maturity, curve of profits and losses at the current moment and Delta curve
  • Zooming, recording and printing of graphics
  • Showing portfolio potential and realized profits

9 - Minimum recommended hardware Configuration

  • Pentium processor or equivalent from 2.3 GHz
  • 2 Go RAM
  • Minimum Hard disk space available : 1 Go
  • ADSL internet link
  • Screens with minimum resolution : 1024x768
  • Operating Systems :
    • Microsoft Windows ® (7, 8, 10 or above)
    • macOS (10.7 "Lion" or above)
    • Linux
    Systèmes supportés