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Premier Expert Maestro Global Trader
Stock Exchanges - Markets - Prices
"End Of Day" quotes for 40+ Stock Exchanges OK OK OK OK
Automatic update of list of stocks for all exchanges from Axial Finance server OK OK OK OK
Quick stock search with stockname (incl partial name) Ticker or ISIN code OK OK OK OK
Display of lists of stocks per market segments and indices OK OK OK OK
End Of Day historical Prices up to 30 years OK OK OK OK
Historical intradays prices on 12 months in 1 minute period ticks OK OK OK
Real Time Streaming : US, Canadian, European, Asian Exchanges and FOREX OK OK OK
Quotes correction with dividends OK OK OK
Import and export of Stock Price files (programmable format) OK OK OK OK
Technical Analysis and Graphical Charting
Multiple windows graphic capabilities (unlimited number) OK OK OK OK
Workspace management in multi-screens environment OK OK OK OK
Charting windows detaching from the main screen OK OK OK OK
Pre-programmed and customizable technical indicators 65 95 100+ 100+
Choice of indicators drawing style OK OK OK OK
Charting in tick by tick, n seconds, n minutes, n hours, n days, weekly and monthly bar prices OK OK OK
Charting in Range Bars and Tick Volumes OK OK OK
User's technical indicators programming capabilities OK OK OK
Multi-time frame capability for programming Signals and Rules Exclusive Exclusive
Synthetic Indicator Exclusive Exclusive Exclusif
Graphical tools : Fibonacci, GANN, Speed lines and Andrews forks OK OK OK OK
Multilayers capability for graph drawing Exclusive Exclusive Exclusive Exclusive
Resistance and Support management capability OK OK OK OK
Graphical display of technical analysis done by Day By Day Analysts team Exclusive Exclusive Exclusive Exclusive
Real Time Trading
Dynamic tables (Watch Lists) for real time data display 2 10 10
Orders Books (unlimited number) in tabular format OK OK OK
Orders Books (unlimited number) in histogram format Exclusive Exclusive Exclusive
Real time Screeners (up to 1500 stocks per each) 1 10 10
Real time Win/Loss lists (up to 1500 stocks per each) 2 10 10
TickFlow : global follow up of trades for a list of stocks Exclusive Exclusive
Real time alerts on prices, Resistances/Supports, user's Signals and Rules (unilimited number of stocks simultaneously followed) OK OK OK
Real time alerts on unsual exchanged volumes Exclusive Exclusive Exclusive
Broker simulator for executing user's orders. Real time follow up of open positions in graphical charts and trading portfolio. OK OK
Transmission of orders for execution from charts and order books to Lynx and Interactive Brokers OK OK OK
Execution of orders in automatic mode from a Strategy running in real time Exclusive Exclusive
DDE link : realtime data transfer into Excel sheet OK OK OK
Market Screening
Screening Rules set-up from pre-programmed Signals OK OK OK OK
Screening Rules set up from Signals and personal Indicators Exclusive Exclusive Exclusive
Screening on End Of Day prices OK OK OK
Alerts on End Of Day prices (unlimited number of stocks simultaneously followed) OK OK OK
Trading System and Backtesting
Personal Signals and Indicators programming capabilities OK OK OK
Strategy programming (positions "long", "short", stops, trailing stops, ...) Exclusive Exclusive Exclusive
Backtesting on historical prices (EOD, intradays) OK OK OK
Backtesting with multi-time frame Signals OK OK
DrawDown graphical analysis ("Close to Close Position" and "Peak to Valley") OK OK OK
Graphical equity curves display of a list of stocks Exclusive Exclusive Exclusive
Strategy Optimization with variable parameters OK OK OK
Strategy import and export between Axial Finance users OK OK OK
Import of Signals, Indicators, Rules and Strategies available on the Axial Finance website OK OK OK
Real time follow up of options chains OK
Analysis and optimization of strategies based on options Exclusive
Portfolios management including options : multi underlyings, futures and stocks Exclusive
Portfolios Management : stocks, ETF's, warrants, certificates, turbos, commodities, forex OK OK OK
Fundamental Analysis OK OK OK