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Trial version download

Trial versions : Axial Finance Premier and Axial Finance Expert

These trial versions can be used for free for 15 days. You can test all the software functionalities with stocks included in the trial. More specifically you could:
  • Analyse End Of Day prices for Euronext Paris stocks and FOREX
  • With the Expert version, get real time quotes in streaming for a great number of instruments :
    1. Stocks, Indices and Trackers for Euronext (Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Lisbon)
    2. US Stocks and indices for Dow Jones, Nasdaq 100 and S&P 100
    3. Main Futures contracts : CAC 40, E-mini Nasdaq 100, E-mini S&P 500
    4. FOREX (72 crosses with Tick Volume)
  • Perform technical analysis with all technical indicators
  • Carry out market screening to detect those stocks responding to your selection criterias
  • Set up and test trading systems
  • Use the decision tools
  • Manage your portfolios

After Axial Finance Expert download and upon your request by email, you will have free access during 15 days to Real Time quotes for Euronext, NYSE, Nasdaq and FOREX markets.

Don't hesitate... Installing the trial version on your computer is easy and fast.

NOTA : Axial Finance Maestro and Axial Finance Global Trader are not available for trial

Download the trial version

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Recommended Configuration:
  • Windows, Mac OS X or Linux
  • 1 GHz CPU or better
  • 512 MB of memory
  • 300 MB of free space
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