Axial Finance
Technical Analysis and Trading Software

Ariane Software services

The following services for Axial Finance are free for our Customers.

These services include :

1. Technical Support

The Ariane Software team is at your disposal to answer by email to any question and if nessary to assist you in the software setup.
Please use the form available at Contact us.

2. Software Releases

Axial Finance versions are permanently improving to incorporate new functionalities and performances upgrades.

At Program starting, Axial Finance automatically send a request to our server to know if a new release is available and in such a case download and install it. A popup window informs the User with the release content.

3. Updating of quoted instruments

When a new instrument is quoted by an Exchange, the software stocks list has to be updated.
We permanently update the lists of available instruments, which are automatically downloaded into the software database.